Quantifying Soil Moisture

Soil moisture is displayed in two forms:


The Map defaults to the current Percent of Saturation for 5 cm. Click any station on the map to set it as your selected station. Click the Page Tour button for a quick, interactive overview of the page features.

page with map highlighted
Note: Screen shots are from the desktop version of the site. The mobile version layout will differ.

Use the drop-down ‘Change Map’ menu to view Percent of Saturation for different depths, VWC for all depths, and the 7 day change for all depths.

page with select menus highlighted

The ‘Change Station’ menu lets you select a station by name, and ‘Page Tour’ will give a brief guided tour of the page.

Station Summary

See at a glance, all measurements for the selected station. To provide further context, each depth is labeled as “Wet” or “Dry” based on the current VWC reading. If a change of more than 0.01m³/m³ occurred since 7 days ago, this will be followed by “getting wetter” or “getting drier”. These changes can also be viewed on the “7 Day Change” maps.

highlighted station data summary

Table Tab

This tab displays a table with information related to the visible map. Changing the map to “7 Day Change” will display the respective data. Sort the table by clicking or tapping on any of the column headers. Clicking a row in the table will set that as your selected station.

highlighted table tab and upper part of table

Chart Tab

Want to see what moisture has done over the past week? The ‘Chart’ tab features an interactive chart with hourly data from the past 7 days.

chart tab highlighted, showing graph of 7 days' soil moisture

If you wish to see data over a longer time period, use the ‘Zoom’ menu below the chart to see daily data for the past 30, 90 or 365 days.
chart tab highlighted, showing graph of 7 days' soil moisture

Download Tab

Here it is: all the data and maps found on the soil moisture page, all in one place, all in easy-to-download formats. Take a minute to review our Citation and Usage Policy, then help yourself. Data are in CSV format, ready for Excel. Map images are in PNG format for easy download or sharing.

download tab highlighted


Consult this tab for helpful soil temperature information. Learn how we collect our soil moisture data and find links to recent publications from K-State Research and Extension.

resources tab highlighted

About Soil Moisture

For more information about how we collect moisture data and how to use them, visit our Soil Moisture Explanation page.


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